Happy Onion. What happened until now...

I founded Happy Onion because I was tired of finding the same clothes and accessories in stores over and over again. I wanted different things, exciting styles, trendy fashion pieces... but also affordable.

At the beginning of 2017 the time had come, Happy Onion was launched on January 1st. activated at 00:01 a.m. What an excitement.

I still remember exactly who placed the first order. Thanks to Goran. There are now over 5,300 orders. Even today, I pack every order myself and always add a little surprise for you.

A lot has happened in these years, there have been good times and bad times. As the saying goes; one time you win and the other time you learn. I've learned a lot and that's a good thing, today I see a lot of things differently and take some things easier and I know without haters it's no fun.

However, the passion for Happy Onion has always remained. At the beginning I still had a white-collar job. First 100% then another 50%. Since March 2019 I have been 100% self-employed and it is the best feeling ever. Except maybe if I adopt a dog, that will also be a great feeling, oh yes and my wedding, which was of course the absolute highlight and certainly my birth but I don't remember that anymore...

So back to the shop; I choose every product that you find here myself, order it, test it and if everything is ok it goes to my shop. There is a small warehouse in Rothrist, so all products are available for immediate delivery.

I am particularly proud of the relatively recent collaborations with 4 great producers from Ibiza. Candles, jewelry and soaps are made there by hand and are currently only sold on Happy Onion in Switzerland.

From the beginning, some great bloggers supported me, even without paying! I am infinitely grateful to each and every one of them for this, and some wonderful friendships have been formed. Ladies has been great since.

Up until now I've been doing everything on my own when it comes to social media, photos, shooting, product searches, advertising, etc. That's no longer enough and we've had a great partner at our side since January 2022, you'll find out more soon.

What is also new is that there is a permanent sales point in Zofingen at Parfumerie Schütz. You can touch, test, try and of course buy some of the products.

My journey with Happy Onion is far from over here but I just wanted to tell you what has happened so far.

Love Natasha

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