Why do I even need Happy Onion?
You can rely on us, we will look for the treasures, the trendy ultimate styles. We put them online for you easily and conveniently at a fair and affordable price - just for you.

Are your products really on trend?
Yes, our products are selected according to the latest international trends!

How do you always manage to find trendy products?
Natasha, the founder, has a flair for new and trendy styles. She spends hours researching what's trending for you. She works with various international sources.

Why are there always only a few quantities available?
Our shop, our products, our styles - for you! So it should remain exclusive.

Why are you so cheap?
Being fair and offering reasonable prices is our goal!

Where do you get your products from?
We search all over the world for your future favorite pieces. But like all other companies in the fashion world, whether large or small, we source most of our products from the Far East. All suppliers are checked by us and the cooperation is continuously optimized. We can fully support it.

What about the quality then?
We randomly check the items to ensure that we only offer optimal quality!

How can I reach you if I have any questions?
You can reach us 7 days a week by email to: natasha@happyonion.ch

Do you work with bloggers?
We work with various national and international bloggers. What is important to us in such a collaboration is that the person who embodies us - absolutely - supports Happy Onion.

What do you do to get known?
We work a lot with online advertising and produced our first Happy Onion advertising clip in 2019 and broadcast it on Tele Züri. You can find us several times a year at a promotional area in the Gäupark Egerkingen and also at the legendary Swiss Bands events in Kaufleuten Zurich.